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CORRECTED: Sad News from Haiti – In Memory of Bonny Joseph

CORRECTION: Last week we learned of the death of one of our colleagues in Haiti, Bonny Joseph. Bonny was our VSLA facilitator in Cornillion, which was also where he was from. Bonny was a dynamic community facilitator and organizer for Flor

esta Haiti. This summer I was privileged to introduce my family to him on a visit to the Haitian border.

Bonny had an accident on Tuesday near his home in the village of Savane Bombe and fell into a ravine badly injured. On Thursday, after a search, he was found still alive and taken to the hospital in Port au Prince, where he passed away. Bonny was engaged to be married in December.

The entire Plant with Purpose family is in mourning for this bright young man. His family and all of the staff appreciate your prayers.

We will be establishing a memorial fund for Bonny in the next few days.

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