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Isaac Update

Haiti may have escaped the worst of it, although last I heard it was still raining.  Here is some video from earlier today.

Port au Prince

Rivière Grise

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Tropical Storm Isaac

We are anxiously watching and waiting as Tropical Storm Isaac makes landfall in Haiti. No matter where you are, there are few of us who will pass a night as anxiously or uncomfortably as those in the tent camps of Port au Prince.  My heart goes out to them.

While I am thankful that it has not yet become a hurricane, I am also acutely aware that oftentimes the rain – causing landslides and flooding – has been as deadlier than the wind. The deadliest incidents in recent years have come via tropical storms not hurricanes.  Even Jeanne was a tropical storm when it hit Gonaives.

On this end there is so little we can do.  Follow the progress of the storm on twitter, and pray.


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Lighter Fare

Somehow this just seems appropriate. Join the Organic Rebellion. Use the farm:

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